Marble Wedding – Plymouth, Mi

I have known Karen for about 11 years. We met when we were young and waitressing and still trying to figure out life. We’ve both grown over the years but I have to say Karen is still that cheerful vibrant woman she has always been.


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Karen and Michael are one of those couples that walk into a room and make the whole world jealous. The way that they look at each other from across the room you can tell that they were absolutely made for each other. They balance each other out so well. Better than I’ve ever seen two people balance each other out. I was so honored to be able to photograph this wedding.

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Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Trinity Church located in Plymouth Michigan. They had a gorgeous ceremony that completely fit both of their personalities.

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Immediately after their ceremony we headed over to Warren Valley Golf Course located in Dearborn. We took photos on their property and then afterward enjoyed they’re gorgeous Beauty and the Beast themed reception


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Stephanie & Jessiah – Waterford Wedding


Stephanie is the daughter of one of my best friends. I was completely honored when I got asked to photograph her wedding. I love photographing friends and families wedding because I get to do what I love and I also get to have a wonderful time

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Stephanie and Jessiah had there ceremony at Victoria’s Wedding Chapel located in Waterford Michigan. It is a gorgeous venue whether you are having your ceremony inside or out. The staff is welcoming and organized every time I photograph a wedding here.

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After their ceremony we headed to Silver Lake Golf Course located in Waterford for their reception. Silver Lake Golf Course had some of the friendliest staff I had ever met. Their Golf Course was beautiful with all kinds of weeping willows and their Banquet Center was perfect for any reception.

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I love these two together. The way that jesiah looks at Stephanie you can tell how much he absolutely adores her. I was so grateful to get to not only witness this wedding but to get to capture it as well. I know these two will have a life of happiness.

Baker Wedding – Garden City – Laurel Manor, May 2017

I had the honor of photographing this gorgeous couple on their wedding day. Their day stated out with getting ready at families houses. They then went to Garden City Presbyterian church for their ceremony. They exchanged vows and it was beautiful. Afterwards, we went out to the church grounds for some photos. it  was going to pour down on us at this point, so outdoor photos got cut short. We headed to their ceremony venue, the gorgeous Laurel Manor, and posed for some photos in the entryway. The then got announces, cut their cake and sat down for their friends and family to wish them well with tearful speeches. The rain had cleared so I took them out for some photos on the reception venue grounds to make up for mother nature having her way with us earlier. We came in for first dances, a shoe game and some wild dancing to songs from the soundtrack of Grease!


This gorgeous couple had a sparkle in their eyes every time they looked at each other! You could tell this was their happiest day in their lives so far!




Ashley & Brian – Maternity – Taylor, Mi

The gorgeous Ashley came in for photos of her ever growing belly! She was the most amazing client to date. With her career in modeling, it made her such an easy client to work with. They have recently welcomed their little one in the world and the baby is just as gorgeous as the both of them!





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Engagement Session – Gallup Park | Ann Arbor, Mi

I officially met this gorgeous couple when they showed up to the park for their session. Aimee had booked me over the phone and we hit if off since the first moment we spoke. We spent the day walking through the gorgeous Gallup Park for their session. I fell in love with this couple, their gorgeous son and their love and faith for Jesus! Wonderful couples deserve wonderful pictures! Take a look!