Your Session

By shooting with me, I reserve the right to use any of the images taken for advertising purposes (For example, website, social media, blogs or prints) . If so decided, your or child’s name can be not included or changed.

Whether it is Infant’s, Children or Family Photography, Portrait sessions are an honor to do. To have the power to capture a beautiful lasting memory, that will be hung in someone’s home for years to come, is amazing to me.

I have my complete studio that I set up in my home. In order to keep my packages big and my prices low, I do not plan on moving into a studio just yet. My studio is portable; I can bring it to you for a small charge. I do prefer you come to my home, so I have all of my props and backdrops to play around with! Payment will be due at time of session. After your session, I will edit all the Photos to look their best, and then upload them to my proofing site. It may take up to a week for you to receive them due to how many sessions i may have. After you receive an email with a link to your proofs you will have up to 2 weeks to choose what ones you would like to print. After you put your order in, it usually is less than a week before you can come pick them up, or have them mailed to you.


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