Why Choose EP

I am an EXTREMELY thrifty person, at least that is what I call myself… my Husband calls me cheap… but that’s his opinion. Yet, there is something that has always been important to me, and that is Photographs of my family. I have cheeped out on photographs before I finished school and started my own business. I went to a chain photography studio in the mall and took part of their free “newborn” session for my oldest child. I can honestly say, that may be the reason I got into children’s photography. I was so upset with the images, i only ordered the free package. I had seen so many photographers on-line that had done BEAUTIFUL newborn photography, but they were at the least $500, and my cheap self wasn’t going to pay that. But now, I have no newborn images of my son, that will ever be displayed, and i wish i would have just sucked it up and spent the money on something that i could hang on my wall until I am old and wrinkled!

I have had so many clients come with me with the same story “I loved your images, but i found a cheaper photographer, and I hate the images, I should have just come to you in the first place.” It happens a lot, especially with newborns, one year and family photos. I am ALL FOR giving a new photographer a chance, I was one at one time as well. So I understand, but big moments like Weddings, Newborns One years and so on, I will take care of you, and you will not be disappointed.

I did at the least 8 Weddings for free, under a photographer before i ever got paid to work as a second shooter, and it was a while until i was comfortable enough to shoot my first wedding solo. When i was in school, I took an extra class on wedding photography, and was told that is what needs to be done, and I totally get it now. I have done over 6 “trash the dress” shoots, just because the couple didn’t get any decent images at their wedding. They hired me so they could at least get some posed images to print for their walls.

I took countless “Newborn Photography” workshops before I would even try any of the amazing poses i saw other photographers do (honestly, i had no idea how it was done safely, so i wasn’t even going to try it!) I took  even more posing workshops, so I wouldn’t be posing families in triangles!

Giving me the privilege to capture amazing moments of your family, you will never be disappointed. I look at every image as if it was going up on my wall (and I can be VERY picky, lol) With me, you wont just get a Photographer, but will also gain a friend! I love meeting new people, I love getting to meet your children and i especially LOVE getting to spend time with your Newborn (it gives me my baby fix, because 3 is enough for me)

I look forward to meeting you!


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