The Photographer

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​I’m Brittney and simply put I’m a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a photographer.

As a little girl, I was taken to a studio, almost every other month, so my Mother could have pictures taken of my sister and I. I was fascinated how one picture could capture so much emotion in my Mother’s eyes. It was just a glance as she took the photograph out of the bag and she was in awe. I grew up in front of the camera, now I strive to give people the same feeling my Mother always did… behind it.

Most days, I am just a Mommy with a camera. That neighbor that is always outside, taking the same pictures of her children, day in and out. But whether it is my own family in front of the lens or yours, I strive every day, to create that same emotion I witnessed as a child. I have learned to embrace how quickly children grow, families change, friendships evolve and love blooms. I believe that is what helps me make a emotion connection with everyone I work with.

I am originally from Canton, Michigan, born and raised. Due to an amazing job my husband was offered, we packed up, and brought our family to Texas. I am in love with my new surroundings and the chance to meet new people!

As a mother of Three, I know how the economic strain has affected our budgets. That is why I am dedicated to keeping my prices as low as I can. Also, being an At-Home and On-Location business, means i do not have extra rent for a studio to pay. (At this time…) I am not a run of the mill studio that will give you a “Photographer” that will have one day of training, to hurry up and snap your Photos for you to choose that day. I will work with you or your children to get the most out of our session, then, I will put them onto my computer, where I then spend hours editing, to make my work perfect for you.  All of my packages are ALWAYS of any pose, so you can order what you want! And I never discourage going into a small package, and then ordering more when you can!

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