I see that you post about doing sessions is different states, where exactly are you located?

I am located in Taylor, Mi but I travel to do sessions. Since I lived in Texas for a short amount of time, I visit there most!

Why do you charge a session fee?

Honestly, I need to pay myself. For my time I spend planning your shoot, for your session, for the post processing, online album, ordering, posting, blogging… and don’t forget about business taxes, equipment, insurance… the list can go on forever! lol My professor once said to us “Don’t charge a session fee, just up your other prices so that you are still paying yourself. Clients don’t want to pay for something and not get anything they can physicaly hold in return, you can trick them this way” Well, I don’t want to trick you, I also don’t want to have to charge $75 for an 5×7 and I think you all are smart enough to know you were still paying the same rate. I know I would rather pay someone for their time than pay an outrageous fee for a tiny print.. that’s just me, so that is how I set my prices!

Do you travel?

Local; Yes. If you have a location in mind, or would like an in-home lifestyle session, I do not mind coming to you. For in home sessions there is a $50 fee. (lifestyle sessions often last longer and are more work then any other, that is why the charge is there) No extra for location sessions with in 25 miles.

Out of state; Yes, I will travel anywhere. If you live in another state, I will travel there! lol. If you and a few other families would like to book sessions with me in your area, I am more than happy to fly in to make this happen.

FAQ about Newborn sessions

When should I contact you for a newborn session?Please contact me during your pregnancy. I will pencil you in on your due date but of course that is only an estimated time, so please be sure to contact me as soon as you have your baby. Feel free to send me an email while you are still in the hospital to let me know because we have such a short time to schedule.

When should I have my newborn photographed?Newborn sessions are done within
the first 10 days of life. The earlier you bring your newborn in the happier
you will be with the results, and the easier it is to get them in those precious poses.
They are only tiny for a very short period. You want to make sure to capture that moment.

Do you come to my home? For a $50 fee, I can. I would rather have you in the studio, with

all of my props, but I can come to you if you choose.
Can I bring something special to be photographed with my newborn?Yes. I am all for
bringing an item that has sentimental value or an item that best describes you and
your spouse. For example, if you have a blanket that was made by grandma or if you
and your spouse are sports fans, music lovers, etc., you can bring an item that best
fits that passion. But please let me know if you plan on bringing that item so I can
plan for it. I also love to take pictures of the wedding rings on their tiny toes, so
if your interested and your spouse is unable to make it, don’t forget to bring the ring with you.

How long should I expect to be there? Please plan on being at the studio for 3-4 hours.
Plan your day accordingly so neither of us are feeling rushed. I usually only schedule
one newborn a day, so I can spend as much time that is needed to get those great shots.
Most of that time is spent soothing the baby or setting up “the scene” as I call it. All
pictures are taken while the newborn is sound asleep, if they are not asleep it is impossible
to pose them. Please bring a pacifier with you, it really helps to soothe the newborn.
Sometimes an extra feeding is needed, so bring extra bottles with you. A full tummy equals
a happy, sleepy baby. Newborn sessions are my absolute favorite! I love posing them in all
the buckets, baskets, and sometimes even a little teacup. Each set up can take a lot of time,
so please be patient and you will be very satisfied with the outcome.

Can I bring family members or siblings to the session?During the newborn session,
the environment is very quiet and peaceful. If you would like to have your newborn
photographed with his/her sibling, I ask that we take care of those pictures first
and that there is someone who can take the sibling for the remainder of the session.
Most of the little ones do not have the patience to sit and be quiet for the rest of
the session, and it is very important to have a quiet and calm environment. As far as
additional family members, please limit to one family member/friend besides you and your spouse.

Is there anything else that I should know?The remainder of the session fee is due on the date of the session, so please come prepared. An extra shirt for you or a change of clothing is always a nice thing in case you get peed on, it happens all the time considering most of the photos are done either with a diaper or nothing at all, clothes will only hide their tiny features. Please don’t be concerned when your newborn makes a mess it is very common, and it all gets thrown in the washer anyways. I have a space heater on at all times during the session to keep your newborn very warm, so wear something light because you will get warm.

Congratulations and I can’t wait to meet you and your new little bundle of joy!

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