Jacci & Chris | Downtown Detroit Wedding, 707 club

When I first met Jacci at our wedding consultation to see if she would like to have me as her photographer, Chris had fallen ill to a bad flu bug that had hit us around that time, so I didn’t get to meet him. Jacci and I clicked and she booked on her own knowing he trusted her decision. It wasn’t until their engagement session that I got to meet Chris. Now Jacci, she is very bubbly and when I walked into the room to me her, her smile just invited you in for conversation. I wasn’t sure what I was getting with her other half. There is a good percentage of men who are not comfortable in from of a photographer, it’s ok if you are one of those guys who  is reading this… most of us photographers know how to work with you! I always insist on an engagement session before the wedding to loosen up the bride and groom and get them used to me. I got to Jacci and Chris’ engagement session and out of the car gets this serious, tall, well built, extremely intimidating man….. At first Jacci and I just say our hellos and chit chat a bit while he is silent. Then I introduce myself to him and ask him his name (already knew it, trying to break the ice here…) THIS is when I TRULY met Chris. this “intimidating man” that got out of the car looks me dead in the eye and in a low voice says ” Call me Deadpool” lol… So… For the the rest of the session I did…. and we had a blast.

Chris and Jacci are two of the most fun individuals I have ever met, and they found each other. I do not think I have ever laughed SO much with a couple. It is amazing because when you see them together, you actually KNOW that they were meant for each other. I mean KNOW KNOW. It’s kinda that perfect.

Chris and Jacci got ready in a fabulous room in the Greektown Casino Hotel. They then had a first look outside then afterward we took photos of everyone together. They then had a gorgeous ceremony and reception at the 707 club. The whole affair was absolutely gorgeous and the couple was just so in love. Jacci’s Father made a toast about how honored he was to have Chris as a new son in law and how he gave Jacci’s {BEAUTIFUL} daughter the father she had been longing for and it took everything in me not to break down and sob [ugly sob] I believe a few guest caught me drying my eyes. The whole wedding was gorgeous and so tastefully done, I am just so honored that I got to be of some part of it!





ElucidatingPhoto_596 copy


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