Gavin – 4m [Metro Detroit – Taylor, Mi – Downriver Newborn Photographer]


Gavin came into this world earlier than expected… 7 weeks earlier! In his parents eyes, he is a true miracle, a fighter, a child more perfect as they could have ever imagined! He is a baby of many faces. When he smiles, the whole room lights up! He also has this “serious face” which is amazing, it looks like “the whole weight of the world id on his shoulders” as his Mommy described it to me.

Gavin’s parents are first timers, and are amazing first timers at that! These two love their boy so much (look at that face, who couldn’t)  and they are going to be the best thing this little man will ever known. They are also amazing people in general…  nice, kind and both with a great sense of humor, their shoot turned out amazing because they are! Mom and Dad also  brought all kinds of props to make the session personal, Dad was a boy scout, Mom a black belt and trained in other types of fighting and both… Longhorn fans!! Enjoy looking through the highlights!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThose are Dad’s shorts when he was a baby!


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